Apply Geocoding system on my own data.!

06-22-2015 02:00 AM
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Dear all,,

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I have a question about (Geocoding) and I want to discuss with you this issue.


I'm working on oil field and we have an SDE database contains many shp files for all location like Wells, Stations, Camps, Roads, Cables, Flowlines... etc

I have been asked to apply the (Geocoding) system on our data.


The problem I faced is I have to generate a new addresses for all location and these locations don't have (Zipcode) which is an important in Geocoding to connect them in ESRI imageries.!


The only information I have are:

  1. Lat, Long Or Easting, Northing for each feature.
  2. Specific location for each feature. Foe example: Well "Oil-100" located in (Oman - Al Sharqiya - Mahout - Block 3 - Farha field - Fault F)


Can you please help me to create suitable address locator and run the Geocoding with my data?

I'm here for any more details you need to help me.


Your cooperation a highly appreciated


Waiting for your ideas about this issue.


Thanks & Regards

Aymen Al-Bimani

Sultanate of Oman

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You can get zip code information from the census

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Hi Ayman, the process you need to follow to find street addresses for your x/y points is called REVERSE geocoding, and zip codes are not necessary for this. This document explains the process: ArcGIS Desktop. You will need an address locator data layer, and if you don't have one, creating one may be necessary.

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