Any Way to Create a Replica from an Enterprise Geodatabase Parent to a Feature Service Child?

07-21-2023 11:53 AM
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We have data in an enterprise geodatabase that we'd like to make available via a feature service in ArcGIS Online.  The enterprise geodatabase is the authoritative source and is the required format by one of our vendors so we do not have the option to migrate it to ArcGIS Online.

I also noticed there is a  Feature Service Replicas tab under the  Manage Replicas pane in ArcGIS Pro.  The docs seem to spell out every detail of this tab except how to create a Feature Service Replica.

The take map offline workflow does not seem to have any option as to where you store the offline replica.  I found that a FGDB is created by ArcGIS Pro.  The Create Replica tool also rejects a feature service as the source of a replica.

So do you make this work and can you make it work from the enterprise geodatabase as the parent to the feature service as the child in a one way replica?

Thank you for any pointers!

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