Analysis of pedestrian access in ArcMap

01-06-2020 08:51 AM
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I have two exercises to do. 

Exercise 1. Accessibility analysis for any area

  • pedestrian access for 3, 5, 7 minutes zone
  • movement speed is 5 km/h

Exercise 2. A man with an average weight of 83 kilograms walking faster (6km /h) in an hour can burn 373 calories. Calculate:

  • pedestrian access for 100 and 200 calories zone
  • compare the area of the received zones, how big is the difference?

in exercise 2, the cost we incur is calories, not time

I already have a layer with pedestrian paths. How do you perform these tasks using ArcMap?

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You have to think about the math involved here; one hint is use buffers or different sizes, probably around some line layers.

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