Adding XY data from Excel

06-17-2014 10:31 AM
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Hey there,

I'm new to ArcGis and a little bit lost. I want to add XY data to layer from an excel sheet by using the "add XY data" function in the toolbox. These last few days everything worked out just fine but now it will only let me select either layer or features class files but no tables.
I did import those very tables to another map, so I would think that it should work for this map too, but yet it won't. They are saves in the .xls format.

I'm quite clueless how to fix this and would appreciate your help a lot.
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Easiest way to bring in excel tables is opening the catalog and navigating to the folder location.  From there you can either add the table to the Table of contents, right click and select display x,y data, or right click on it in the catalog right click on the sheet in the xls file, then make feature class > from XY data.

The add XY Coordinates tool adds Point_X and Point_Y fields to feature layers or feature class.
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