Add z value to polygons from a point shapefile

12-25-2013 10:32 AM
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Hello everyone, I'm new in the GIS cad. I found ArcGIS very easy to use and i want to improve some of its fundamentals to work easier in the future.
I downloaded shapefiles from my gov's website, they are divided into lines, polygons and points.
I extracted from the polygon shapefile the buildings that i'm going to modify and from the point shapefile their relative's heights. Now i'm going to export them in an other software to start to design on them.

My question is: how can I assign to each polygons its relative height and do the extrusion with arcscene?

Is there a way to do this in an automatic way, or have I add to each attribute field the relative height?

Thanks for the patience,

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Hi there!

Based on your data, what you can do is join the two tables, make a new field on your building polygon for the relative height, and then field calculate relative heights based on the values from your point features. I assume these two tables have fields common to each other like building ID/name etc. to be used as join fields. If they have, your problem is solved. You can then extrude them in ArcScene using the new field for relative height. Hope this helps. 🙂
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Hi leonardlluz, and thanks for answering.

No, they did not share anything. I proceeded in this way: I joined the top's height points with the polygons shapefile. The join was based on the location, set as "internal". I did the same with the bottom height. Then, in the attribute table I subtracted the bottom from the top, gaining the exactly value.

Anyway, the last one is not correct, because lots of buildings have incorrect heights (comparing with the point cloud), and some buildings have strange forms.

For now i resolved, changing manually just the buildings near my project's area, but I'm sure, that there will be a workaround to resolve this problem.

Thanks again, regards.
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