10.2 and OLE DB connection

04-08-2014 05:36 PM
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I was trying to import an Access 2007 (accdb) file into ArcCatalog v. 10.2.  I am using Windows 7.
I have done this before and everything worked fine with v 10.0.
Instead of entering the complete pathway for the Access file now you only need to enter the database name and the rest of the pathway automatically fills in.

Problem:  The name of the documents folder in Windows 7 is 'My Documents' not 'Documents' as it used to be.
No matter how I tried - entering full pathway, changing 'My Documents' to 'Documents' (in both the pathway and actually changing   the folder name) it would not connect. 
Very frustrating.
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So you're following the steps here in order to make an OLE DB connection to your MS Access database?
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I followed the instructions to the letter but when I specify the database, the first part of the pathway is automatically entered, i.e. C:\Users\Administrator\Documents.
Problem is the 'Documents' folder is called 'My Documents' in Windows 7.

If I enter the correct pathway using 'My Documents' I get a message saying that is is the wrong provider when I test it.
I seem to be stuck at this step.
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In Windows 7,  the folder My Documents is actually still c:\Users\YourName\Documents,  where "YourName"  is your user or log in name. 

Try this:  click on that little blue ball with the window logo in the lower left of Windows. (Usually lower left). In the box that says "Search Programs and Files" type in the name of your access db.  When you type in enough of the file name, you can spot it in the results above.  Right click on the DB name, click properties, then in the properties window you can see the full path to your DB under the shortcut tab in the Target box.

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What provider, specifically, are you selecting?

I have always found it odd how Esri has two different help pages instead of one for connecting to Access databases:  Connecting to a Microsoft Access database in ArcGIS and Connecting to a 2007 Microsoft Access database (.accdb) in ArcGIS.  Typically, users I help don't distinguish between the older and newer formats so they search on "Microsoft Access" and find the older one, which basically misdirects them to select the wrong provider.  And, bettery yet, the screenshot doesn't match the instructions (the screenshot has ODBC drivers selected and not JET or ACE).

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