Subtracting lines w/ topology leads to more errors at 10x

08-21-2013 01:28 PM
Status: Open
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The functionality to clean up dangles with GDB topology functions differently than earlier versions of Desktop. Most users have a "must be covered by boundary of" rule that compliments a "must not have dangles" rule. In earlier versions it was much easier to subtract the "boundary" error rather than guess if you needed to extend, trim or snap the dangle. The topology engine was smart enough to only subtract the portion of line that was in error rather than subtracting the entire line.

Because of this many users got used to subtracting those errors prior to doing any sort of planarizing or intersecting of lines.

But by using the old workflow and subtracting the lines with the error inspector, they end up with another error. The portion of the line that was NOT in error gets subtracted which leads to another error.

Users will appreciate the old functionality where the topology engine ONLY subtracts the portion of the line in error.