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Simplify the Create Replica to other Coordinate Systems Process

05-03-2010 09:38 AM
Status: Open
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 Nice to have a workflow that simplifies the creation of different coordinate systems during a replication scenario.  Currently, we need to extract the schema to a different projection, then reuse the schema to get the data, then during the replica process register the data.  Can't this be simplified where I need to go through the process in one fell swoop.  I would hope to have the capability when creating a replica to set the coordinate system during the process of actually creating the replica where the coordinate system, extraction of data, and registration is done at one time during one process.

TAG: Geodatabase

FYI - for anyone looking for more info on the current process:

This would be so nice, as we get into Collector more and have to copy our system of record data from state plane into WGS84 to play nice with the basemaps. We're only a few databases in but as more clients as for it we'll be doing it in the dozens soon.