CrowdSource Reporter examples of good practice?

02-21-2017 02:28 PM
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Are there any examples of public websites where CrowdSource Reporter is being used effectively?

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Hi - I had a client ask this same question today - here are a few I managed to pick up via searching the web:

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Those are some nice apps! It seems the way to go is the custom route, instead of the out-of-the-box hosted route.

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Here's an article about the work Marshfield, WI has done with the Crowdsourcing apps and other Esri tech (second half):

Memphis Crafts 'Handshake' Solution Allowing ArcGIS, Oracle to Talk in Real Time 

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DuPage's App is awesome, especially the backend email notifications. The presentation on their app at the UC was great.

Salisbury, NC just went live with their Citizen reporter they are calling Salisbury311. A native mobile application made with AppStudio is currently under construction.

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