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Converting ITRF 2005 to WGS 84 (ArcMap 10.2.2)

05-07-2015 04:52 AM
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Dear all,

I have a excel file with xy coordinates for points in the ITRF 2005 format. I am trying to convert the xy coordinates to xy coordinates in the  WGS 84 format. Any ideas how i can go about this or the conversion. Please take a look at the attached excel table of my ITRF 2005 xy Coordinates that i need to convert to xy WGS 84 values.

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Hi Ali,

I'm taking a look at your data, and the points are projected (looks like UTM, but they're definitely not Lat/Long).  Do you know the original projection in order to reproject them to WGS84?

Other than that, the step by step is:

1) Set dataframe projection to match your source data (Projection/ITRF2005 datum)

2) Add your XY data to the map

3) Export as a new feature class or shapefile

4) Run 'Project (Data Management)' tool to project your shapefile/feature class to your new projection and save it.

5) Create new XY fields containing the new coordinates of your new projected feature class/shapefile

6) If you require it, export them to a new excel table.



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Dear Todd,

Thank you for the response. I followed what you outlined earlier but i keep getting an error when i try Project the ITRF 2005 Point feature class to WSG84 UTM Zone 35S using the data management Project tool. It gives an error with feature class empty.

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Thank you Todd and Melita i finally got it projected in WGS84.



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I'm glad you solved your problem Ali. Do you mind marking this question as answered? Thanks!

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hi.Can you explain to me how to solve problem of the converting ITRF 2005 to WGS 84 ?

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Your original points are in UTM coordinates or possibly Gauss-Kruger. We don't have any geographic/datum transformations between ITRF and WGS 1984 because WGS 1984 is kept more or less coincident with ITRF. So, I would follow the steps 1-3 Todd Blanchette​  but immediately set the coordinate system of the XY data in ArcMap to WGS 1984 whatever-zone-the-data-is-in. If you need WGS 1984 decimal degree values, you can then continue with steps 4-6.