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11-17-2020 10:50 AM
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The private messages functionality reminds me of  the Python Window in ArcGIS Pro.  It's so small you can hardly read it and like the forum itself, you constantly have to scroll through your messages so you lose track of where you are.

can't wait to retire....
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I agree. I don't like the size. I thought it was the banner size at the top or my monitor size creating that issue. 

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I hope the visual real estate gets addressed sooner rather than later.

Are they using a general screen optimization?

Is it geared for desktops/laptops?

Has anyone tried it on a cell phone?  Can you see anything 😂

... sort of retired...
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Hi Joe, Dan, Rickey, 

Thanks for the feedback. We understand and appreciate your view points and this is one. It is on our  list to look at  where we can make improvements. 

Thank you.

Community Manager, Esri Community Team.