Empty out_table from aggregate polygons tool

12-28-2018 02:12 PM
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I am using aggregate polygons tool to combine features - in my case building lots whose boundaries are within 5 meters of each other. I also ask the tool to only keep those features whose combined area meet a minimum threshold of 1500 square meters. I opt in for an output table to be created as well, using the default name Arcgis assigns to the table (based on the name I choose for the shape file). I do not alter the out_table location. The tool seems to work, but the out_table, with column headings rowID, objectID, output_FID and input_FID, are filled with zeros.

I tried it with different input files (e.g. one with parks features) and get the same result. The features look alright, but no content in the table.

Any suggestions/ideas why this may be happening, and what might I do to fix it?

Thank you.

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