Can outside users add data to story maps in a website-like platform?

09-04-2020 08:56 AM
New Contributor

I'm wanting to use a story map as a website for public outreach and engagement with the design and implementation of a small city's general plan. Ideally, the platform would have both static, informational media content as well as a base map, or a series of base maps, that are editable by the general public. The main idea behind using a story map as a platform is to visualize data that is pertinent to the general plan and the community in general, for instance more isolated residential and commercial areas with potential to be connected by bike/ped trails, proposed zoning for future development/preservation, etc., and interface that data with the input of the community, i.e. questions that arise, most valued locations or most desirable connections, perceptions of neighborhood diversity, and most likely complaints. I'm sure that there are great examples of this type of story map platform, but if anybody could point me in the direction of such examples I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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