Esri Staff Community Engagement Recognition for 2021

01-14-2022 11:32 AM
Esri Community Manager
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2021 was a year of transition for the Esri Community, we adapted to our new platform, processes, and rebranding of the community from GeoNet to Esri Community. Even with all the change we still experienced significant engagement across the community, and we experienced a 26% growth in membership over 2020!

In the broader community world, Esri Community earned two industry awards for the re-branding and re-launch of our community (Khoros Rookie of the Year and  Community Roundtable’s Outstanding Community Design 2021) and one industry award for our executive leadership (The Community Roundtable’s Community Leadership Award 2021).

All of this couldn’t be possible without our amazing community members and staff and distributors who regularly contribute to the community.  Last week, I announced our Esri Community contest winners, which recognizes those customer  members who stepped up  their engagement in 2021, by giving back to the community through valued contributions.  Now I would like to recognize our amazing Esri staff and distributors who regularly engaged in the community in 2021. To emphasize how important our staff are; in 2021, 40% of all Accepted Solutions were posted by Esri Staff & Distributors! 

Here are a few of our top contributors from Esri Staff and Distributors in 2021

Top Five Esri Rock-Star Contributors:

  • @Philip-Wilson  – Philip wowed us with the most Accepted Solutions: 179 and the most Replies: 544, and 215 Kudos!!
  • @OwenGeo  – Owen posted the most Ideas comments: 91 and had a high rate of engagement with 105 Accepted Solutions and 387 Replies!
  • @IsmaelChivite  – Ismael excelled with the most Kudos received: 358, and 198 Replies, and 71 Accepted Solutions!
  • @Robert_LeClair  – Robert also took great initiative by posting  346 replies 61 Accepted Solutions and he received 205 Kudos.
  • @XanderBakker  – Xander stood out as the most engaged distributor with 213 Replies, 57 Accepted Solutions and 200 Kudos received!

Additional Esri contributors who gave back to the community at a high rate in 2021:


These are just a few of the Esri team who regularly participate in the community, thank you to everyone for your time and commitment to Esri Community and its members!


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