Congratulations to our 2019 GeoNet Contest Winners

01-07-2020 02:13 PM
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We are excited to announce the 2019 GeoNet Contest winners!  


Thank you to the many members that encourage discussions, provide answers, and share knowledge throughout the community. You dedicate countless hours to helping others become more efficient with Esri products while also helping them grow in their GIS career. 


We especially want to  thank a few of our members who have excelled as our top participants. These winners will be receiving a variety of prizes as outlined in the 2019 GeoNet Contest Prizes. Some of these prizes include a conference registration, Esri Certification Exams, ArcGIS Home Use Licenses, Esri Virtual Training, and Esri Press books.  


This year we introduced three levels to the contest: Elite - based on the total number of points earned in 2019; Expert - based on most answers marked correct; and Rookie - based on new members that joined in 2019. Winners in these levels are then recognized by first, second, and third place based on the most earned points within each level during the year. 



Elite Level Winners



Expert Level Winners



Rookie Level Winners


We would also like to shout out the following top members this year who were runner ups in the Elite and Expert and levels 

Lance Cole 

Curtis Price

Joe Borgione 

Randy Burton 

Egge-Jan Pollé 

Adrian Welsh 

Ken Buja 

Michael Volz 

Doug Browning 

Thomas Colson 


Congratulations, and thank you all for your contribution to the community! 



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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Congratulations to you all! Without all your contributions GeoNet would not be as valuable as it is today. Keep up the good work!

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Maybe if I quit liking and checking helpful to Patterson's and Bixby's answers, the rest of would stand a chance...

Just kidding: congrats to all!  Fine company to keep!

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Thanks Xander Bakker‌, and I want to thank you and other Esri staff for all of your work and contributions on GeoNet.  I only made 3rd because you all are counted separate .

I look forward to working with all GeoNet contributors in 2020, and I am especially interested to see the new platform.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Thanks to all for your contributions....

And on that note, because of this nice new clause....

*winner can send another person in their organization, or they can donate it to a non-profit organization

(or the 'organization of MVP's ??? )

Elite Prize Package (top 3 Elites awarded)

  • Winner’s choice of either Esri UC Conference Registration or Dev Summit Conference Registration*

If anyone can think of a worthy group for either the UC of Dev summit, can you contact Michelle Mathias‌ and let her know.  I don't travel and I hate crowds  and I would hate it go to waste again. 

Occasional Contributor

Congrats to Robert Scheitlin, GISP‌ , Dan Patterson‌ , Joshua Bixby‌ and everyone else. All of you are a powerhouse of knowledge!

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Dan, I noticed the same note about donating the conference registration, and I think it is a great option.  The EA my organization has with Esri provides us with more passes than we typically use, so I am also exploring donating it.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Maybe we can send 2 from a group!

Community Moderator

I second Xander's comment.  Congratulations to the contest winners, and all other community members who provide great help and guidance to others!  Your experience that you share with the community is valuable and I personally appreciate the time you dedicate to helping other users in the GeoNet community.

Thanks again, and here's to a great 2020!

MVP Frequent Contributor

Thanks to all for all the work!  And thanks for the shout out.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Congrats everyone!  Nice to see all the familiar names and a few ones.  There is always great work and contributions coming out of the GeoNet community.  (and sorry I haven't been one of those lately, but hope to again this next year.)

MVP Notable Contributor

Thanks Michelle, I appreciate the shout out. And congrats to all the winners! In past years we have seen a similar list for Esri personnel. Is there a list for that? 

Community Manager

Hi Adrian, Yes, here is the blog for the employee recognition: Cheers.

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