Announcement: A New and Improved GeoNet is Coming

02-10-2020 11:44 AM
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We’re excited to announce that the technology platform behind the GeoNet community will be changing in 2020, which will bring a new community user experience, features, and design to GeoNet, The Esri Community.

Key Takeaways

  • GeoNet, The Esri Community platform is changing in the second half of 2020. As of now, there are no anticipated interruptions to the community that are related to the update. You can continue to use GeoNet as usual.
  • Follow the GeoNet Lounge. The GeoNet Team will provide communication here to inform you about the new platform. 
  • See the GeoNet Platform Update FAQ - February 2020 for information about our new platform technology provider and more.

At 200,000 registered members and more than 13,000 monthly active members, the GeoNet community has become an indispensable experience that our users and staff rely on to work better, stay connected, and build a better geospatial world. In 2019 alone, GeoNet had 4.2 million unique visitors and more than 18.3 million page views to answered questions, blogs, and other content.

Over the years, the GeoNet community has shared feedback about the community experience with the following requests:

  • Smarter search capabilities
  • Enhanced integration with Esri websites
  • Improved mobile experience

As this exciting transition develops, we will be working with the community towards enhancing these key areas. Your feedback and engagement will be important to us and we encourage you to provide feedback and ask questions throughout the process.

What you need to know now...

While the new community development is underway, there are no anticipated interruptions to the community performance on the current platform, and the community will continue to be live through the transition to the new platform. The GeoNet Team will provide updates and announcements about the new community platform update in the GeoNet Lounge.

Thank you for being a part of the Esri Community and we look forward to working with you on a new and improved GeoNet!


The GeoNet Team

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Regular Contributor

Thank gawd. Idk anything about Khoros but any change is welcome change for me at this point.

New Contributor III

Many thanks to your contributions, I have got many answers and learned a lot through this lovely community.

Best of luck,


Esri Regular Contributor

Thanks for the heads-up! I help with content on several PS Extensions team pages: Maritime, Aviation, Workflow Manager, Data Reviewer, Location Referencing, Defense and Production Mapping. This will help through the transition

Occasional Contributor II

Is Geonet currently screwed up for anyone else? I'm seeing it in basic HTML view and things are all out of whack.


Hi Levi, there were some issues earlier this week which may require a clear cache in your browser if the site is not looking right. Can you try that and let me know if you're still seeing issues? Thanks

Occasional Contributor II

That fixed it, thanks! 

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