2020 GeoNet Contest

03-04-2020 07:05 AM
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We are making a few updates to the GeoNet Contest for 2020. Since we will be switching platforms later this year, we have decided to do an abbreviated version of the contest for 2020. The contest will run for eight months from January 1 through August 31st. You have the opportunity to be recognized under two contest levels this year: Elite and Rookie


Contest Levels:


Elite Level:

  • Total overall points for the year – designed for experienced members who are answering questions and creating new content.


Rookie of the Year level:

  • Overall points for new members – designed for new members who joined the community in 2020


Prize Packages:


Elite Prize Package (top 3 Elites awarded)

  • Winner’s choice of either Esri UC Conference Registration or Developer Summit Conference Registration**
  • ArcGIS for Personal Use License or Developer Subscription
  • Choice of Esri Press Publications or Certification Exam Voucher
  • GeoNet Badge
  • Esri & GeoNet swag box


Rookie Prize Package (top 3 Rookies)

  • Choice of Esri Press Publication
  • GeoNet badge
  • Esri & GeoNet swag box


**The winner can send another person from their organization if they cannot attend, or they can donate it to a non-profit organization.


 2020 GeoNet Contest Rules



Thank you for your participation and contributions to the GeoNet Community!


MVP Esteemed Contributor

With all due respect Michelle, I find the rules a bit intimidating.  I guess the ESRI legal department had to get involved.  All I want to do is participate in this forum, seeking answers to my questions and hopefully providing answers and solutions to others when I can...

Community Manager

Hi Joe, the rules have been pretty much the same since we started this contest years ago, I just have to update any minor tweaks and the dates each year. And yes, legal had to review them since we are giving away prizes. But they shouldn't deter you from doing what you do by participating in the community, which is the true value add. These rules apply only to the contest and contest winners and the contest should be considered an added bonus to what you do in the community.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Your'e pretty much stuck with me for at least a couple more years until retirement!  I'm going to try real hard to find a beach without wifi or cell service after that!

Community Manager

Joe, that is good news for us, your contributions are highly valued! But I do like the sound of your retirement plan/goal!!

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