GeoNet 2020 Contest Winners!

09-08-2020 07:32 AM
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I am excited to announce our 2020 GeoNet Contest results! As we shared earlier this year, we are hosting an abbreviated contest for 2020 due to the migration to a new community platform happening this fall To learn more about the changes coming to GeoNet, be sure to follow the GeoNet Lounge for updates as we get closer.  


Without further ado, here are our winners for our shortened 2020 contest: 


Elite Level 

These community members earned the most points during Jan.1 – Aug 31, mostly by sharing solutions to questions, and sharing their vast knowledge through blogs and posts. I recommend following these community leaders!  


1st Place: Dan Patterson ‌  (65K points earned in 2020) 

Some of you may know that Dan retired this last year from many years of teaching at Carlton University. But, lucky for us, he did not retire from the community! He might be displaying split personalities as he now has two accounts, one from Carlton, and his current “Dan retired one. Even individually his two accounts both ranked in the top four for the contest, but when merged together it clearly pulled him out as this year’s 1st place Elite contest winner. You can find Dan all over the community sharing his wisdom, and don’t miss his newer blog and his!


2nd Place: Robert Scheitlin  (64K points earned in 2020) 

Many of you know Robert in the community, as he has probably helped you at one time or another. He is and has been our contest winner for many years. Robert is very generous in the time and knowledge he shares with our community. Especially for those in the Web App development, widget development and JavaScript API areas of interest. Robert hosts three user groups in the community specializing in these areas and is very attentive to helping other members with their development questions and needs.  


3rd Place: Joshua Bixby (33K points earned in 2020) 

Joshua is an experienced Geospatial System Engineer with the Forest Service. He has been a community member, MVP and moderator in the community for many years. Joshua goes above and beyond with sharing his knowledge, helping members find solutions, and directing them to helpful resources.  Also, don’t miss Joshua’s blog, Tilting at Globeswhere he shares his knowledge, expertise and insights across a variety of topics.  


Rookie of the Year level 


These members joined the community in 2020, and quickly ascended to the top of the point totals for all 2020 new members 


1st Place:  (15K points) 

A big shout out to 1st place winner for Rookie of the year, David Pike, as he not only ascended to the top of the new members, he also shot into the top 10 for all members earning points this year. David jumped into the community with both feet, no gradual warm-up for him. He started out not only ask questions but also providing solutions and helpful replies to more than 300 posts in the community. David’s knowledge sharing, helping him rise to the ranks of being a valued contributor in the community in less than 7 months, way to go! He is open and helpful. I highly recommend following or connecting with him. Welcome to the community David! 


2nd Place:  Rajni Sharma  (Alpha Coder) (1.7K points) 

Ranji is a junior developer at Keyss Software Services in India  He goes by his community name: Alpha Coder. He joined the community in Feb of this year and posted his introduction in the community shortly after joining. Rajni has been using the community to ask questions and find solutions and he recognizes those who help him with marking solutions correct, and helpful. You can find him mostly hanging out the ArcGIS API for Java Script place Welcome to the community Rajni! 



3rd Place: Hussam Rabea  (1.4K points) 

Hussam is an Omani Engineer and joined our community in May of this year. In a short time Hussam has settled into the community to ask questions and provide feedback and help to others. He recently wrote a blog sharing his own Survey123 use case and knowledge with the community, you can check it out hereWelcome to the community Hussam! 




I would also like to give a shout out to these awesome community members who came in at the next level of highest point earners for the 2020 contest (after our three Elite winners). I was excited to see a few new names on this list, congratulations!  


Egge-Jan Pollé 

David Pike 

Joe Borgione 

Ken Buja 

Doug Browning 

Randy Burton 

Katherine Clark 

Rickey Fite 

Curtis Price 


Please join me in congratulating these community members and thank them for their contributions to the community.  


As we move to a new platform, please be patient with us as we re-design our contest for 2021 and beyond.


Thank you! 

The GeoNet Community Team 

Esri Esteemed Contributor

Congratulations and thanks to all those mentioned here and who actively help to make this place such a great resource for the GIS community. Special congratulations to danretired who after being cloned was able to finish first. Great to see the usual suspects as elite level winners, but also a special thanks and congratulations to the “rookies” who despite of being “new” at the community have been willing to share their knowledge helping many others.

Keep up the good work after we migrate to the new community platform!

Esri Notable Contributor

Congratulations, everyone!  And thank you for your contributions to help other community members.

MVP Esteemed Contributor

To Xander Bakker‌ and Kory Kramer‌, 4 of the top 10 and 10 of the top 20 contributors during the 2020 contest period were Esri.  GeoNet could also not be successful without Esri employee engagement too.  Thanks to both of you for being top Esri contributors.

MVP Regular Contributor

Geonet ... Perhaps a place to come and "help" for those of us that can't help with the bigger problems of the day.

A big thanks to everyone for supporting the community, whether you made it to the list or not.

When the new platform emerges... stifle the urge to say... "its not the same" ... you will adapt, as you are now.

Be safe and think of others.

Dan (and Dan)

Occasional Contributor

Wow! I'm happy to see my name in the Winner List!


Since I joined GeoNet I became addicted to surfing the contents along with the platform where I found myself into a wonderful family sharing my ideas and gaining my skills of how to ask proper questions to get proper support.

Thanks all!

Occasional Contributor II

Thanks for selecting me. I just want to thank u community for the help and support they give me like family. I have learned umpteen as a beginner.

Thanks all!

MVP Esteemed Contributor

Great group of Geonet members! Congratulations all!

Esri Regular Contributor

Congrats everyone!!

Community Team

Congrats to the winners and thank you so much for your time and contributions! As always, we appreciate your dedication to share your knowledge and help others in the Esri Community. We couldn't build community without you! 

It's also inspiring to see new contributors come into the mix this year! Hussam, Rajni, and David, welcome and we're honored to have you here with us! Keep up the great work! And let us know if there's anything we can do to help you. 

New Contributor II

I have just checked in on the Geonet community before we switch to the new platform, apologies for not being as active as I should.
Congratulations to all of you on your success, leading the GIS way.
I recently retired as a UK based chartered accountant. I had 25 years advising SMEs, and 17 years providing assurance services to the local public sector, including local councils, the police and the NHS.
I have been a fan of GIS since I first came across it in 1991, through my work leading an industry/education partnership, connecting schools with businesses, to help young people identify work experience opportunities.

Given the global disruption resulting from the pandemic, there is a massive need for world class intelligence sharing of new career openings that, I believe, GIS has the potential to deliver.
I would be very interested in finding out if there is any way that I might more effectively join your collaborative activities to share the GIS gospel more widely.
See you "on the other side!"

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