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09-23-2019 10:08 AM
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I'm a relative newbie and on the steep part of the ArcGIS learning curve. Using a public account, I used the classic Shortlist template, and gained a lot of practice going through tutorials, etc, and getting things working (uploading photos, arranging tabs, getting used to working with map features, etc.).  

When my Shortlist was at a satisfactory stage, I toggled on the public share, copied the URLs, and last week it was working.  Today, I get "An error has occurred. Unable to create map".  Doesn't sound encouraging :( 

Nothing opens. These are URLs I had copied from within the StoryMap application (using the share link icon, upper right-hand corner, if I recall correctly) when the shortlist was working:  Shared public url:


When I'm in My Content overview, the URL is: 

Hopefully I haven't done anything truly unrecoverable (like delete something I shouldn't have), but as I have a rudimentary and imperfect understanding of how everything works together, it can't be ruled out.

What have I messed up?


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Just to add to my own thread, I went to classic My Stories and under 'issues', it says the underlying Map was deleted.  It's possible this was done, albeit inadvertently.   Is there s way to 'reconnect' another map at this stage?

I'd hate to lose the rest of the work, i.e., uploaded photos, links to pdfs that were embedded in the tabs, and so on.  Can those be recovered, or is it all lost?

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