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Shortlist: how to create an "as-is" story map from existing hosted feature layer?

01-15-2021 02:01 PM
Occasional Contributor III

Does the "use the point data 'as-is'" option for the Shortlist story map application still exist?

The readme and the FAQ says "choose Create Web App, and select the Story Map Shortlist app from the gallery of apps. If your web map contains one or more point layers, you'll be prompted to choose how you want to proceed. You'll see three options: ..." which are supposed to be:

  1. Import the point data
  2. Use the point data 'as-is'
  3. Don't use the point data as places

I do not get this prompt. I get directed straight into the Shortlist Builder where everything must be entered manually.


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Occasional Contributor III

Probably hopeless. This problem goes back to Nov 2019 and didn't get any discussion then either:

Unfortunately I couldn't manage to find this option, the builder opens without prompting anything.


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