Cascade storymap freezing on image and image content items not displayed.

06-27-2021 04:53 PM
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I built a cascade storymap and everything works fine in the configure interface but when I launch the app it freezes at an image I uploaded in one of the first sections.  After that I can no longer scroll either direction.  

I thought it might be because I uploaded the images directly to the storymap rather than to my Content first.  So I uploaded the images to my Content and they're not even showing as available media within the storymap configuration interface.  What am I missing here?

These are all in my Content and shared to my organization and a group:



But none show up in the cascade configuration interface?!



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Can you provide a link to your storymap/content?

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@MikeW_1  -- I'm sorry you are having an issue with your story. The recommended way to add images to a classic Cascade story is to upload them in the builder. Adding images to you ArcGIS content does not automatically make them available in the story builder.

For an issue with a particular story like this, the best way to get assistance is to contact Esri Technical Support

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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