Siletz Allotment Map

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Siletz Allotment Map

This map shows the approximate locations and the owners of Siletz individual allotments, the established timber reserves, and the location of the Siletz Indian Reservation prior to the Allotment Act. Selected images of Tribal Members give some faces to some of the names on the map. This map helped inform people about where their ancestors once lived on the Siletz Indian Reservation. The map was designed in black and white to make it feel similar to the period of the subject.

The map was published by ESRI in a map book highlighting Tribal maps.

Here is a little history about the subject.

In 1892, the Allotment Act took effect on the Siletz Indian Reservation. Inside the already reduced reservation, 551 individual Siletz tribal members received 80-acre plots of land totaling 42,000 acres. In addition to the allotments,3,200 acres of timber reserves were created. The remaining land, approximately 192,000 acres, was declared surplus and purchased by the United States for a price of $0.74 an acre.

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