applying an immage into a surface Lidar

05-08-2019 10:42 PM
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Hi All,

I don't have a big experience in ArcGIS, and my issue is that I have a surface Lidar that I want to bring an image and apply it into the surface.

The image is in JPG and the Lidar in DWG.

I tried the "Raster to TIN" tool but it didn't work with me.

Can anyone help me with that ?


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Hello Saad,

1. Add the DWG Lidar Raster Elevation to ArcGIS Pro in a Scene.   

2. Add it as a Custom Elevation Surface, see

3. Add the imagery and set in the properties to use the custom elevation as your elevation source.

One another note, you might want to take the original LAS file and use it with Colorize LAS tool using your JPEG.   Then you can display the lidar in ArcGIS Pro with RGB in the symbology.


Arthur Crawford - Esri Content Product Engineer

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