Validation attribute rules in a file geodatabase

05-19-2021 09:03 PM
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Hello ArcPro community,

I have some problems in the process of "Validation attribute rules" in a file geodatabase.

I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.7, which I believe it supports a file geodatabase as a workspace for setting up the validation attribute rules and running the validation rules check.

My problem are; 1. "Add error layers" option is not available, and 2. "Error Inspector" does not show anything. 

What I have done are as follows; 1. Created a point and polygon features in a file geodatabase. Both of the features have GlobalID and enabled Editor tracking.



2. Added a validation rule that will pick if a point feature is outside of the polygon features. 3. Created Error layers using Evaluate Rules geoprocessing tool. 

4. Tried to add the error layers to a map by right click on the point feature in Contents but "Add error layers" option was greyed out. 


5. Added the error layers manually to the map, and then tried to use "Error Inspector" but it only displays "Please select a map that contains error layers".


I assume I missed something that I was supposed to do but I don't know what that is. Much appreciated for any advise.


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Seems like the map layer doesn't recognize that the layer has a validation rule on it or that is can add the error layers from the workspace. Have you tried

  • Adding the point layer to a new map to see if the "Add error layers" becomes enabled OR
  • Saving and reopening the project to see if the option becomes enabled? 
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Hi Supriya_SH, thanks for your reply!

I had already attempted both the ways that you mentioned as first things to do yesterday but unfortunately these attempts did not work back in that time.

However, today, "Add error layers" option is somehow available and "Error Inspector is also fine after I opened the same project. I still don't know what happened but it may have been some sort of hiccups of ArcGIS Pro...

Actually, there is another finding - Action of opening an attribute table of the point layer (a layer used for validation rule)  will trigger inactivation of Error Inspector.

I confirmed the Error Inspector works fine.


, and then I opened the attribute table of the point layer, then the Error Inspector got back to unavailable again. If I close the attribute table, then Error Inspector is available. If I open the attribute table before I open Error Inspector, then Error Inspector works fine as well.



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