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05-09-2022 05:00 PM
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I have a Constraint Attribute Rule that was working with ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2 and ArcGIS enterprise 10.9.  After upgrading to 10.9.1 the attribute fails attempting to save edits when editing a through a feature service.  The attribute rule is applied to an un-versioned enterprise database table.  It seems that it will pass the client validation but fails on the server because the getUser.groups is empty.  The attribute uses the GetUser as modeled in the video getUser.

var p = Portal('')
var user = getUser(p);
var groups = user.groups;
if (Find("Survey",groups) > 0) {
    return true;
return false;

 Does this seem like expected behavior?

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This is a known bug in 10.9.1 (can be tracked with BUG-000151193) will be addressed in 10.9.1 Geodata management Patch 2.  

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