Attribute Rule to modify own feature geometry

01-29-2021 04:42 AM
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Hi all,

I'm trying to achieve a geometry update of a feature via a calculation attribute rule.

The attribute rule is triggered by the update event, and the goal is to update the geometry of the self feature querying a geometry from other feature class. The first step, that creates the new geometry works fine, but when I return the update operation, ArcGIS Server crashes. I think is some kind of recursively problem but i'm not sure.

Any body knows the way to achive this?

This is the arcade code:

var globalIdeq
var eq
var eqgeom
var bufferedGeometry

globalIdeq = $feature.id_baliza
eq = FeatureSetbyName($datastore, "vente.owner.balizas")
eqgeom = Filter(eq, "globalid = @globalIdeq")
for (var eqg in eqgeom) {
  bufferedGeometry = buffer(Geometry(eqg),1000);

var update_features = [];
var results = {'result': 'manu'};
update_features[0] = {
            'globalID': $feature.globalid   ,
'geometry': bufferedGeometry

results['edit'] = [{
        'className': 'vente.owner.incidencia_1',
        'updates': update_features

return results;


Thanks in advance

BR, Borja

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Hey Borja


We don't recommend using DML to update the same feature, that will trigger further attribute rules and will end up in a cycle (shouldn't crash though)

In 2.7 we have introduced the ability to assign "SHAPE" field as a target field so you can update the feature's geometry directly. That is the recommended way.




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Hi Hussein,

-Thank you for your quick response. It was what I was afraid of.

Also I've read that is only compatible with Pro 2.7 and ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1 isn't it?

Is it compatible with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1? As is a geodatabase functionality? Do I have to create a EGDB with Pro 2.7?


Best Regards



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unfortunately since this feature went into 2.7, it can only be used alongside 10.9.

Publishing a class that you assigned geometry to a 10.8.1 or earlier will fail to start the service since that feature doesn't exist in old releases.


You can however use and test this on client side in 2.7 (filegdb or client/server enterprise)



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