Association Already Exists, Duplicate Association Found Error !

04-07-2022 12:07 AM
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Hi everybody,

I have a data model with a utility network in it. I wrote a rule that will establish an attachment association between poles (structurejunction) and connection points (electricjunction). I configured it to trigger on update instant. But I couldn't get rid of getting the following error. 

The error It points to a different attachment association that is always present.

where am i making a mistake?

association exists.jpg

//$feature is an ElectricJunction
var sjFeatureSet = FeatureSetByname($datastore, "StructureJunction", ["objectid"] ,false)
// Asset Group 101-102-103-104-105
// Asset Type 
var polesFeatureSet = Filter(sjFeatureSet, "ASSETGROUP in (101,102,103,104,105) AND ASSETTYPE in (110,111,112,120,121,122,130,131,132,133,134,381,382,383,470,471,473,474,475,476,477,478,479,480,481,482)")
var g = buffer($feature, 1)

var intersectedPoles = Intersects(polesFeatureSet,g)

if (count(intersectedPoles) == 0) 
  return $feature.notes;

var pole = first(intersectedPoles)

return {

         "result": $feature.notes,
                 "className": "structurejunction",

                   "objectID": pole.objectid,
                   "associationType": 'structure'


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