ArcPAD Not Recognizing GPCCorrect

05-03-2010 06:02 AM
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I am using a Trimble GeoXT with Win Mobile 3.0. I had to reinstall ArcPAD 7.0.1 due to an error in the VBScript startup. I have reinstalled GPS Correct v.2.41. It installed into the GeoXT fine but ArcPAD is not "seeing" the install and I do not have the toolbar available. If I go into the device and select remove software it shows the GPS Correct as installed. Anyone have any suggestions as how I can resolve this?

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It seems something wrong with the info you've provided. CE 3.0 supports only GPScorrect v1.00 and 1.01. CE .NET supports v1.01-v2.30... You should have PocketPC 2003 sw running on that device at least to run v2.41.

Anyway, try to uninstall both sw (AP and GPScorrect), turn a soft reset/hard reset and reinstall them again. If still doesn't work, try reset to default settings (before this, backup all your data from device to a memory card or to a PC, because it will erase ALL data and restore factory defaults!)

What you can do moreover: check Trimble's support pages if there's any release note related to this issue.
And you can check if there's an op. sys update for your device on the same site to upgrade your system. Recommended to update if there's any, because some issues are disappear on newer system versions...

Hope this helps.
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