Updating Maplex Properties

12-16-2013 10:08 AM
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I am looking for a way to set the label engine of a map document (Standard vs Maplex) programmatically using c#.
I have seen an older sample that uses VBA but the setting does is not persisted when I open the file using ArcMap.


This is what I am currently trying ...

IMaplexAnnotateMap maplex_annotate_map = new MaplexAnnotateMapClass();
map.AnnotationEngine = maplex_annotate_map as IAnnotateMap;

Any assistance would be appreciated.


** Update **

I am able to get the map to recognize the change in labeling engine.
The problem is that no changes made to the properties of my IMaplexOverposterLayerProperties instance are there when I open/utilize the Mxd.

Does anyone have any working examples for programmatically making changes to this interface?

In particular, I am trying to use "esriMaplexPolygonPlacementMethod.esriMaplexRepeatAlongBoundary".

I have created the desired rendering in Desktop and compared the values of the interfaces.
When I open the mxd in ArcMap, only default values are set.

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