Path for user.config in new Extension for ArcMap

01-24-2013 05:50 AM
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Hi Guys.

With a new extension I am creating in ArcMap using Visual Studios, I want to be able to save user settings in the user.config file.  Using the built in functionality of VS, I get this as a path to user.config when I do my first save:


The part that is after Local is what I am concerned with.  The ESRI is the company name which is used, I assume, because the extension is actually ran in ArcMap so even thought I have a company created in the extension it will use the EXE's company. 

After the company name is what I am really curious about.  It is suppose to be based on  <App Name>_<Evidence Type>_<Evidence Hash>\<Version>.  Where does "DefaultDomain" come from?  I assume somewhere in ArcMap but can that be changed without having to modify Arc itself?

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