Meaning of ClassBreaksRenderer.SortClassesAscending ?

12-30-2013 04:57 AM
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I don't understand the meaning of ClassBreaksRenderer.SortClassesAscending.

In the documention of this property, the summary says: "Indicates if classes are displayed in increasing order in legends/TOC", which is clear enough.

But the Remarks says: "Changing this property reverses the Break array, but keeps the Symbol, Label, and Description arrays intact and in the same order", which is confusing. What's worse: in my limited experience it is the other way around (but I could be wrong).
I have got an mxd-file from a customer, which had ClassBreaksRenderer.SortClassesAscending = False, and in the legend the classes appeared in descending order; fair enough. However, it seemed to me that the Break array hadn't been reversed: Break(0) was still the smallest break value. On the other hand, it seemed that the Label array had been reversed, in the sense that Label(0) described the class of values between Break(BreakCount - 1) and Break(BreakCount), and Label(1) described the class of values between Break(BreakCount - 2) and Break(BreakCount - 1), etc. I couldn't figure out if the Description array was reversed since all descriptions were empty, and I couldn't figure out whether the Symbol array was reversed, since the symbology happened to be symmetric around the middle break value (which was zero).

Since I only have one example from one customer, and with symmetric symbology, it is possible that the Labels were entered in the wrong order in that mxd file - it would be hard to see any difference.

But the Remarks for SortClassesAscending has to mean something, doesn't it?

On the other hand, these Remarks seems to contradict the Remarks for the Symbol array, which say:
"All features with values greater than Break(BreakCount-2) and less than or equal to Break(BreakCount-1) will be drawn with Symbol(BreakCount-1)."
If the Remarks for SortClassesAscending were correct, I would expect the remarks for the Symbol array to continue somewhat like this: "... except if SortClassesAscending is False, in which case these features are drawn with Symbol(0) instead".

I would be grateful for any kind of explanation, examples, or more complete documentation.
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