ILegendInfo.LegendItem is never called.

12-05-2013 11:10 AM
New Contributor

I am implementing custom renderers and want to customize the display in the AxTOCControl.  In order to customize the TOC, I am implementing ILegendInfo, adding groups with classes.

At runtime, the ESRI framework appropriately calls LegendGroupCount and LegendGroup, and as a result, my groups and symbology are displaying in the TOC.  However, I am also trying to customize the font size and icon spacing (which I think is the patch size), and so I have created a customized HorizontalLegendItem that I am returning in the ReadOnly property LegendItem.  The problem is that at runtime, this method never gets called, and so the TOC continues to display items using the default font and spacing.

Any ideas?  Am I missing something?

Thank you.
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