Ifeaturelayer to Ifeatureclass

02-10-2014 06:59 PM
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IMapDocument pmd = new MapDocumentClass();
            if (pmd.get_IsMapDocument(@"F:/Projects/Inprogress.mxd"))
                pmd.Open(@"F:/Projects/Inprogress.mxd", null);
                IMap pmap = pmd as IMap;
                pmap = pmd.get_Map(0);
                Console.WriteLine(pmap.Name);//prints the Layer
                ILayer PL = pmap.get_Layer(1);
                Console.WriteLine(PL.Name);//prints the first layer
                IFeatureLayer FL = PL as IFeatureLayer;
                Console.WriteLine(FL.Name);//prints the first layer ofter typecasting to Feature Layer also
                IFeatureClass FC = FL.FeatureClass; //after this I want to print the fields and rows.
                  There is not compiler error, it is showing FC||Null

               How to move further..any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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A null feature class means the data link is broken.  Make sure the mxd can access its data.
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even if the data link is broken you can still access many properties of the featureclass if you need.  The IDataLayer interface of FeatureLayer has DataSourceName which will be a featureclassName object which has the name and path of the featureclass among other things.
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I beleive ILayer or IfeatureLayer has an IsValid property which you can check for in code.  The manifestation of InValid in ArcMap is whether that FeatureLayer is connected to something or not - in ArcMap, if you have ever seen a red exclamation in the Table of contents, your layer is disconnected, and IFeatureLayer:IsValid == false.
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