How to compute surface of raster or any point using ARCOBJECTS?

02-24-2014 09:00 PM
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I have a raster image whose values are a digital elevation model of terrain.

I need to know the surface type (topographic characterization) of particular points along transects of this DEM.

How to find it?

(In my application I have two points: a transmitter end and receiver end. I find the highest point between the transmitter end and receiver end: see the figure below. I would like to know whether the highest point is smooth or is a knife edge; that is, to within the resolution of the image it appears to be non-differentiable.)[ATTACH=CONFIG]31719[/ATTACH]
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This is an interesting problem but you actually have two questions, it seems to me.
1. how to determine if the high point between two point is smooth or sharp(?)  Which really depends on how you distinguish either in terms of your wave diffraction equation.  Seems like a directional slope change problem, 2nd polynomial or running slope tool twice.
2. how to do this in ArcObjects.  You really can't tackle this until you'v answered question 1.
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