Handling events through ArcGIS Addin

09-23-2012 05:03 AM

I in a process of creating an dockable window addin, through which I can listen events, such as when a user finishes a sketch he will be able to view its information, like area, number of persons it can accommodate (based on certain calculations), etc, related to the polygon inside the addin.

I had a rough idea how it'll be done, or this is what my employers wants :). But since I am new to Arcobjects with a background in programming. I open to any suggestions and help, as where might be a good starting point or what improvements should I make.

Abdur Rahman
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Since there aren't any replies, I suppose my question is dumb or is already answered.

During my search for a solution I came across ArcObjects SDK for .NET developer, its a very descriptive documentation, good for anyone starting ArcObjects and I was really happy to see a proper help which actually helps :).

In it, there are two great walkthroughs, first one related to Building custom UI elements using Addins and the second for Building editor extension using ArcGIS Addins.

The second one was closely related to my problem as I need event listeners to listen to editor events such as OnChangeFeature and OnFinishedSketch. It also include sample extension to show how different Addin components work together.

Hope I am going in the right direction. Thanks
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