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05-14-2015 10:52 AM
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I'm converting a 9.3.1 esri desktop extension to a 10.2.2 addin and have a split tool that leaves a temporary line when the user right-clicks in the map to get the context menu and selects the delete sketch option.

This is what it leaves:

Here's the context menu


How do I tell when the user selects the delete sketch option from this menu?

Thanks very much.


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I am not sure what you are asking - do you want to catch event that happens WHEN the user presses that button? or when the magic happens?

ArcObjects 10 .NET SDK Help

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To add to Tero's question, the first image above it looks like a graphic has been drawn not a sketch, which is it?

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When the user selects the delete sketch option, I want to call the OnDeactivate method which just clears all of the variables and refreshes the view.

Duncan asked about the image- yes, the line is a sketch.

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Here’s what I needed to do to fix the tools so that I'd get the correct menus and so the tool sketch would work properly.  I deprecated the old ones and built new ones with the coaching of one of the ESRI staff, Yuan.  Yeay for Yuan!

Right-click on the project and Add an item.  Select the ArcGIS desktop addins and then select the Add-in component.


Select the construction tool.  For this particular tool I set it up to be a polyline.


Then add the custom methods to the tool methods.

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