Error installing ArcObjects SDK for .Net v10.5

09-21-2020 03:31 AM
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We have a .Net Add-in for ArcMap that is currently targeting SDK 10.2. There's a bug happening only on ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 (can't reproduce it in 10.3) so in order to debug it I set up a Win 10 VM where I've installed 10.5.1 and Visual Studio 2013.

When trying to install ArcObjects SDK for MS .Net 10.5 I get the error message on the screenshot. ArcGIS Desktop seems to be missing support for .Net but there's no option on the installer to add it.

Any idea on how to solve it?

Also, we're considering moving our target version to a later one as 10.2 is no longer supported. Some of our customers aren't on 10.8 yet so any advice on any intermediate version we should target that would guarantee forward compatibility to 10.8?



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Buried away on the ArcMap help file are the system requirements for each version, this is useful for developers as the required version of Visual studio changes with the version of ArcMap, so for 10.5 look here:

If you want to review other versions the tiny dropdown at the top allows you to change it.  Hope that helps?

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