create polygon from polygons and polylines

11-11-2012 12:15 PM
New Contributor

I want to create polygon from polygon and polyline.
Just like this. I want to create polygon which is filled gap between polygon and polyline.


In ArcMap, I used 'feature to polygon' tool for that. But it did not work properly in C# Add-in.

I repeat that operation with several hundred lines and same polygon. The very first operation works well. But in the second iteration, "feature to polygon" tool just make error. I set on 'overwright' for geoprocessing. And I erase prior result before start next iteration. erasing operation goes well.

Is there any other way do same job? Actually, 'feature to polygon' tool spends 1 sec for operation. But I have to repeat same operation for hundreds of thousand lines, I need faster way to do it.

Or anyone has idea what's the problem?
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