change layer color using arcobjects

03-14-2011 12:32 AM
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Hiii,In my code,I am able to access the layer and I want to change the layer color to the color which is being picked through the colorpicker.The default color in colorpicker is white.The problem is whenever i pick any of the color from colorpicker,the layer color always changes to white.
Also,when I select any color other than white,error is:System.drawing.color cannot be converted to int32.
Anyone,Please,solve my problem
Thanks in advance.
This is my code

protected void ColorPicker1_ColorPicked(object sender, System.Drawing.Color chosenColor)
             IRgbColor rgbColor = new RgbColorClass();
             rgbColor.Red = chosenColor.R;
             rgbColor.Blue = chosenColor.B;
             rgbColor.Green = chosenColor.G;
             //rgbColor.RGB = ColorPicker1.ChosenColor.ToArgb();
             if (!MapResourceManager1.Initialized)
             ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.DataSources.ArcGISServer.MapResourceLocal mrl = (ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.Web.DataSources.ArcGISServer.MapResourceLocal)MapResourceManager1.GetResource(0);
             IMapServer ms = (IMapServer)mrl.ServerContextInfo.ServerContext.ServerObject;
             IMapServerObjects2 mso = (IMapServerObjects2)ms;
             IMap map = mso.get_Map(ms.DefaultMapName);
             IFeatureLayer2 layer = (IFeatureLayer2)map.get_Layer(0);
             IFeatureLayer layer1 = (IFeatureLayer)layer;
             IGeoFeatureLayer glayer = (IGeoFeatureLayer)layer1;
             ILineSymbol linesymbol = new SimpleLineSymbolClass();
             linesymbol.Width = 1.0;
             linesymbol.Color = (IColor)rgbColor;
             ISimpleFillSymbol fillsymbol = new SimpleFillSymbolClass();
             fillsymbol.Outline = linesymbol;
             fillsymbol.Color = (IColor)rgbColor;

             //Here is my error
           //renderer.symbol threw an exception of type 'System.UnauthorizedException'
          //Access is denied:(Exception from HRESULT:0x70080005(E_ACCESSDENIED))}
             ISimpleRenderer renderer = (ISimpleRenderer)glayer.Renderer;          
             renderer.Symbol = (ISymbol)fillsymbol;
          glayer.Renderer = (IFeatureRenderer)renderer;

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