ArcEngine custom toolbar C#

04-03-2014 11:29 AM
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I am playing with the idea of an ArcEngine application with a custom toolbar I can add to the map control, but I am a bit stuck.

I have added a new item -> Base Toolbar, where I can add esri commands:

    public sealed class MyToolbar: BaseToolbar
         public MyToolbar()
             this.AddItem("{380FB31E-6C24-4F5C-B1DF-47F33586B885}"); //undo command
             this.AddItem(new Guid("B0675372-0271-4680-9A2C-269B3F0C01E8")); //redo command

Is it possible to add buttons to a toolbar like this?  In Arcmap, I have done it through the XML config with classes that inherit from esri addin control classes:

<AddIn language="CLR">
        <Button class="ButtonClass"

Where the class:

public class ButtonClass : Esri.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.Button

Has anyone done this with ArcEngine applications?
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Unless something's changed, Engine ships with a toolbar control that you can drop onto a form.  In it's property pages you can pick what you want to go on the toolbar.  To add your own custom commands and tools you implement ICommand and/or ITool and register the class in the map control's component categories.  After that, you can pick them through the property pages just like a builtin command or tool.  When deploying the app, you'll need to register those custom commands and tools on the user's machine in order for them to be available.
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