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Writing bunching together when exporting finished map as JPEG

05-16-2022 06:45 AM
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Hello everybody!

I am using ArcMap 10.8.1, and when i want to save my finished map as a picture, I do it like so: File -> Export Map, and then I export as a JPEG. But when I do this, all the lettes of the title, the legend, even the scale bar, ends up in "clumps", as you can see in the picture. Why does this happen, and what can i do to avoid it?

I hope you can help:)

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What font are you using?  Stay away from fancy fonts and try to use basic fonts.

Does it do the same thing when you export to a pdf

What is your resolution set at?

what is  your color mode set to?

what is your JPEG quality set to?

Does it do the same thing with other image formats

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