25 feet polygon layer shows in ArcMap but not in ArcCatalog

05-05-2022 10:58 AM
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Good afternoon,


I created a 25 feet polygon buffer around a point layer, and when I open the buffer layer in ArcCatalog I do not see any feature, also when I open the same layer in ArcMap, features are not visible, I do have to zoon in a lot to see anything.


Is that normal?


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If you have to zoom, it sounds likely you've got a scale range set. See anything on the general tab of the layer's properties? Select "Show layer at all scales" to clear those settings.



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If not zoom scale related, sometimes corrupt features will cause that as well.

Can try the Repair Geometry tool on the buffer feature class to see if that resolves it.


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Well 25 feet is a VERY small buffer.  I would expect you would need to be zoomed in to less than 1:500 to even see the features.

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