Working with a copied Geodatabase.

12-15-2021 07:48 PM
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I received a copy of a counties Geodatabase. Each thing I have tried has not worked and I get this beside of all layers.



There is an .mxd file. I am able to simply open the mxd from the disk I received, but all layers show the error


Here are the folders under the main folder.


Can someone walk me through what I need to do, or direct me what I need to read. I have searched but apparently am not using the right terms to find anything relative. 


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I move your post to "ArcMap Questions"

Repairing broken data links—ArcMap | Documentation (

is what you are looking for.  There is a disconnect between where the *.mxd thinks the data are located and where it actually is.  Usually, if you fix one  broken link others become corrected, otherwise you have to continue until the red ! marks go away

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Thanks so much for that. I should have considered that. I will be able to read on this and learn from it. I will reply back. Traveling over the next day

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