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VRP question

06-04-2020 07:56 PM
New Contributor

At present, we have two trucks that collect kitchen waste and they need to do the job at night. Each truck has a maximum capacity for 12 waste containers and there are 20 kitchen waste points which have from 40 to 20 waste containers respectively. The starting point is the same as the ending point. When arcgis desktop is used for drawings, two problems happen.
1 the work assigned for certain kitchen waste collection points are from 23: 00 a.m. to 25: 00 a.m., but arcgis does not recognize the timeline as according to it, the latest end point should be 23:59:59,  but we do have to work at night.
2, If the route is well arranged and a truck is arranged to collect 40 containers of kitchen waste, how can it be arranged to continue collecting the remaining kitchen waste? (For example, when the truck takes away the first 12 containers, how should the remaining 28 be dealt with?). At present, some points cannot be well scheduled because the trucks’ carrying capacity is set up to be 12 containers. If I make their capacity to be 100 containers, all routes will be formed immediately.  
3 If I am going to set the end point of the recycling process not as the same starting point, but another point in the schedule before 9:30 PM, and then, after 9:30 PM , I want to set the end point back as the very starting point, how should I do it?

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