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unsual merge

03-24-2021 07:24 AM
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I am analyzing the effect invasive mammals cause in native mammals, to do that I am using the data from a data set with a lot of points, which in many cases doesn’t correspond with that Community by itself, i.e. They could be resampling, so I need to merge the sighting records in a 5km buffer of a point (the “most record point” by my adviser suggestion) to create an unique local comunnity point (while the other points are erased as they merge)
The problem is each “cluster” of points has its own “most record” point, it is locally determined, and I need a single point to analyze as the local mammal Community.

I dont know how to do any of that
(I don't even know if it is possible to do this in arcmap) 

To summarize:
I need to :
1- find the point with most of the record locally and then
2- merge the other points to the "most record point" in a a 5 km radius, erasing the first as the merge occur. 

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