Trying to find mismatched records using python

06-03-2022 09:55 AM
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I'm trying to use python to find the differences between 2 fields.  The fields are floats and shown as percentage.  For whatever reason, the code I'm using that others have said to use isn't showing properly.  Please see attachment.  You can see fields that are the same and different, show the same value of 0.  I believe the code says if those 2 fields are not equal, show a result of 1 and if equal, show a result of 0.  Can anyone give some insight on what I'm doing wrong?

Basically what I'm trying to do is show parcels that have a difference in the land to value percentage between the  2 years.  I want to export those parcels out and use as a different layer.  Thanks for any help.

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Is there a typo in the field names? One is spelled "toal" and one is spelled "total". With the use of aliases, there might not be enough information in the screenshot to tell what's going on.

Is the percentage precision to the hundredths? If there are trailing (but insignificant to you) decimal places then the equality test will return 0.


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why not just do a simple query to find matching fields then perform a field calculation


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