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Tree Control

01-14-2021 01:33 AM
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Hello, I would like to symbolically represent the control status of a tree control. I have included a table from a database that contains the date of the next inspection. The column is called "next_inspection" in date format. I have created a column called "control_status". This field has to be calculated so that I can represent the symbols accordingly.

With the following code I can calculate the difference to today:
( () - arcpy.time.ParseDateTimeString (! Next_inspection!)).

In addition, an "if then else" statement has to be added, for example:
> 0 days overdue
0-100 inspection due
<100 days checked

Can someone explain that to me?
Is it possible to read the date directly from an external database without having to include the table beforehand?

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Can you write some pseudo code for what logic you want applied?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean about the external DB and not having a table beforehand, but a relate might be what you're envisaging. Essentials of relating tables—ArcMap | Documentation (


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