Tools running but nothing created

02-07-2019 05:17 AM
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Hi, on ArcMap 10.4, i frequently but randomly have an issue with all the tools in the toolbox. I run a tool - for example a Dissolve. The tool runs, no errors are flagged and it says the output is created. But nothing has actually happened - no output is created and nothing appears in the messages

It doesn't seem to matter which tool i choose. It works fine sometimes but not others even for data in the same geodatabase and with the same scheme

This is with background geprocessing turn on

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Hi Michael,

Does the issue resolve if you turn background geoprocessing off? And do you have 64-bit background geoprocessing installed? If both of those are true, I might try an uninstall/reinstall of 64-bit background geoprocessing as a first step.

If you don't have 64-bit background geoprocessing installed, a good first step there would be to try installing it and seeing if that resolves the issue.

Intermittent issues can be the hardest to troubleshoot since they don't reproduce regularly, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed the above might do the trick!


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