Slow Performance with ArcMap 10.6.1

01-08-2019 04:58 PM
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I'm new to ArcMap 10.6.1 and am experiencing extraordinarily slow performance and almost zero map refresh. When I first launch the program and add/explore data, I don't have an issue, but within minutes the program slows to a halt. If I add or move files, the map only updates if I move the directional arrows, and even then it's at a snail's pace. The refresh and pause buttons don't work at all. I thought it was a cache issue but trying to "clear cache" doesn't help (the cache won't even clear after I hit the button, or it only clears slightly), and I've also set geoprocessing never to save results. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the program with no luck, as the same problem is encountered. My hardware is more than sufficient. Can anyone advise?

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Does the following thread and fonts possibly have something to do with your slowness issues?  The thread has some trouble-shooting techniques such as seeing how many fonts are installed on your computer. 

Also, do you see slowness irregardless of the data source (SDE, file gdb on network share, file gdb on c-drive, etc.)?

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I, too, am having the same problems that a number of people are having. As a test, I have loaded Qgis and It is like lightning compare to the glacial slowness of ArcMap. Just starting the program takes minutes and then loading a project takes minutes, If a project has an aerial photo or a large dataset, every refresh takes many seconds. All these things are instantaneous in Qgis.  I'm seriously thinking about using Qgis as my GIS program.

Reading the "solutions" - there doesn't seem to be an easy one.

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I am experiencing the same issue. Apart from operations, even firing up a new ArcMap session takes over 90 seconds time in 10.6.1 as compared to 10.4 approx. 10 seconds. Most operations take way long to finish and user has to wait a long.

Frustration grows when after a long wait we decide to force close the session, it takes minutes and minutes to close. And when you open another session things remains the same.

I guess added functionality to 10.6.1 caused s many interface/interconnected geo-processing issue, that need be addressed on priority.