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Raster to point

12-01-2020 12:26 PM
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I have a problem with raster to point function.

In a ref. web page from esri, the function does work for a raster without no data value. So, I converted the null value into -9999 then apply a function (raster to point), because I want to export a raster file based on 'Conduct' column in a table below. My initial plan was to convert raster to point with values as I want, then convert the point to raster. But I found that the converted value is different from the original values.

What would be the problem?




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You could use the raster to point tool with the value ID as the field.  then use the extract multivalues to point tool to extract the correct values? Could set up a neat little model / tool to do this in one...

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Thanks for your reply, MaryMurphy1

I found the solution by lookup function to extract values for another raster file. If properties of columns are correct, there was no problem with that.

I will try your suggestion next time. Thanks. 

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